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life has its challenges. Counselling can help.

Therapy for adults and teens experiencing anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.

Michael Sobocinski, Registered Psychologist Cranbrook BC

Therapy for adults

Few of us travel a lifetime without needing skilled support.The experiences we have from childhood through adulthood to old age are sometimes difficult to understand and reconcile. But in understanding the experiences and ourselves, we grow, we strengthen, and we find our purpose.


therapy for adolescents

Young people face many of the same challenging experiences as adults but in a developmental period of great change. Issues of identity, self-esteem, peer group challenges, anxiety, and depression are common. Unresolved, these concerns can disrupt healthy development.

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In-person or online

I am happy to meet in person or provide a secure online meeting. My office is located in Cranbrook and with virtual appointments I am able to serve individuals from all areas of British Columbia. In-person or online – it’s your choice, based on what you need.

During Covid-19

Your health is my greatest concern, so in this time of COVID-19 I have adopted procedures that follow provincial and federal guidelines to ensure your safety.  With these procedures in place, it is possible to have in-person sessions.  Alternatively, online counselling is available for those who prefer to have a virtual session while at home.  Click below to know what to expect when you come to my office for your in-person session.

Michael Sobocinski Registered Psychologist Cranbrook

Hi, I’m Michael

In nearly thirty years of experience as a registered psychologist, I have provided counselling to adults and adolescents for anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD, grief, substance use disorders, sleep disorders, compassion fatigue and moral injury. Through these challenges, my clients have experienced healing and growth, and discovered their own tremendous resilience.

I have learned that people do the best that they can when dealing with the adversity that life throws at them, even though their actions may appear to be self-defeating or even self-harming. So in our counselling sessions I listen carefully for the inherent wisdom within even the most outwardly unhealthy behavior, because underlying these actions is my client’s attempt to make sense out of life.

Together we work toward a fuller understanding of the challenges they have experienced. We develop better strategies that respect themselves and others. And from this, hope is kindled.

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